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Designing Future You

What will your life look in 10 years? A quick encouragement to practice future you after homeschooling is over.

Who's In Your Circle?

How a fierce tribe of women allowed me to see more beauty in my days.

Lessons from the Birdsong

Featured excerpt from The Joyful Life Magazine Photo by Jan Huber on Unsplash What is it like to truly hear God’s voice? Is it audible?...

The Beauty of Grace Days

If I could learn how to give myself the same grace I give my dog, I would be making progress. I decided to choose grace for my attitude.

Finding Refreshment This Summer

An excerpt from Nourish, Encouragement for Parents Homeschooling Through High School Beach Scene Acrylic Wall Decor by HudsonCrafted...

What Is Your Slow Summer Pleasure?

Certain things are meant to be done slowly and with full attention. Summer is a perfect season for puttering.

What is Your Greatest Meal Memory?

My greatest meal memories remind me that food doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate to impress.

What's On Your Summer Wish List?

7 Fun Thoughts on Making Summer Wishes Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash Summer is the season that whispers, “go ahead, make a wish.”...


What we behold, we become. How spending time with God and the Word first makes me a better person.

The Secret Sauce of Road Trips

How long car rides might actually be the secret sauce to connect with your teenage child.

7 Life Lessons My Dad Taught Me From Golf

My dad, Cesar Colon-Bonet, my son, Campbell and me celebrating Masters Week in 2004. For me, the two best things about spring are the...

Why Homeschooling is Worth It

An Excerpt from Nourish: Encouragement for Parents Homeschooling Through High School Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash Nothing pursued...

How to Be a Next Level Neighbor

I thought I was a good neighbor before the pandemic. It turns out, I had a lot to learn.

An Average Girl’s View on Eating Plants

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash I call it the “Year of the Broccoli.” My husband calls it his skinny jeans season. Regardless, about...

What Do You Want, Really?

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash When’s the last time you shared, out loud, what you truly want? For me, it’s been a long time. Dreaming...