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My Perfect Summer Day

What's your idea of a perfect summer day?

Beaches, lakes, picnics, and poolside lounging all come to my mind. Of course, perfect summer days always include lush amounts of food like watermelon, fresh corn, and certainly something on the grill. It might be best summed up with beautiful weather + great food = a perfect summer day.

"Summer afternoon—summer afternoon; to me those have always been the two most beautiful words in the English language." —Henry James

Yes, it's easy for me to imagine perfect days in all the usual ways. I decided to go a little deeper. Truly, the kind of summer day that would leave me refreshed and inspired had only one simple ingredient - rest. Not necessarily sleeping or napping, but truly settling in and finding a sense of peace in all that is before me. Just for one day to surrender all the chaos and take up a calm heart of rest.

My Recipe for a Perfect Summer Day.

Just for today, I will rest.

I will be fully present to what is before me - whether it's family, food, or festivities.

Today I am taking a vacation from my own brokenness and burdens.

Instead, I will invite God to show me how He sees me.

I will fully notice the beauty of my surroundings, and find gratitude in all of it.

I will set down my striving, my stressing, my searching.

Today, I'm going to practice knowing how beloved I am in Him.

For this day, I will accept and embrace and love what is - even if it's hard.

Today I will look deeply into the eyes of those I'm with and listen to their hearts.

Or if I am alone or sitting in the quiet, I will press into it and set it all down.

Today I will do my best to be a blessing, love well, and live fully.

For this one summer day, I will rest in the knowing I am perfection in God's eyes.

What's your perfect summer day?

Whatever you have planned for the upcoming holiday weekend - picnics, lakes, beaches, or at home with friends, family, or alone time -- treasure it all. Allow yourself to sink a little deeper into the abundant blessings of your summer day with rest for your soul.

For all your days, I hope you will take a moment to rest and remember:

you are perfection in God's eyes.


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