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Childish Summerisms

My dad and me (what's up with my hair?) about 1979 with Julius, the Cocker Spaniel.

This week I was thinking about my favorite things from summers as a kid. Perhaps because there are no kiddos in my nest or perhaps because I was feeling nostalgic. Regardless, here's my little list of childhood favs from summer. It's sort of fun to get in the way back machine -- try it for yourself. Hopefully, you had better hair than I did.

Childish Summerisms (with a nod to 1979)

Night swimming while watching the waves of light reflecting off the trees overhead.

Fresh corn and watermelon from the corner market.


Camping in the backyard in a tent that smelled like feet and centuries of mildew.

Cookouts with tiki torches and strands of plastic fruit lights.

My father’s deep belly laugh with a rum and Coke in hand.

My mother’s orange lipstick on her all-day coffee cup.

Bubblegum ice cream from the House of Flavors.

Faygo Rock’n Rye soda, Doritos when they were only one flavor, and Push Up Pops.

Atomic fireballs and slushies that turned your mouth electric red.

Summer camp and the buddy system while swimming in the lake.

Riding bikes around town.

Arcade games and jukebox quarters.

Summerfest town fair and watching the fireworks on the grass.

Vacation Bible School and the Deep and Wide song.

Sleeping in the only room in the house with the window box air conditioning.


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Jun 16, 2022

Love this!!!! I was 14, braces came off, ready for 9th grade!! Garden foods, family cookouts, and the beach!


Jun 16, 2022

Push Up Pops! Definitely one of my favorites. btw, the photo of the wildflowers with the evergreens behind was taken hiking up Mt Mitchell in NC a few years ago. Another summer memory only a grown up one.

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