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What's On Your Summer Wish List?

7 Fun Thoughts on Making Summer Wishes

Summer is the season that whispers, “go ahead, make a wish.”

Somewhere between 7th grade and age 47, I forgot about this idea. I’m not sure how I lost the ability to make wishes since it’s an easy invitation with our kids. As grown-ups, summer wishing feels like searching for unicorns and Big Foot.

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.” Charles Bowden

But who says that summer wishes are only for kids? In fact, as adults, wish lists demonstrate that we still know how to dream. Perhaps you may be thinking wishes are simply goals with sparkly stuff thrown in. My encouragement is to think of a summer wish list as a way to remember the kid still living inside of you.

Since we are officially into the summer season, it’s the perfect time to make your list. Heck, it sure beats the daily to-do list. Even though my college-age son no longer wants to participate in my wish listing, I still treasure taking a moment to dream about what my summer might hold.

In case you are a little rusty at summer wishing like I was, here are 7 thoughts on making a summer wish list.

Summer Wish Listing For Those Who Haven’t Made Wishes In Awhile:

1. Go Big. Get out a nice big fat piece of paper – the bigger the better.

2. Make it Fun. Gather some fun-colored markers or cool pens and something wonderful to sip on. Preferably something summery like pink lemonade, sweet tea, or sparkling water.

3. Add Music. Put on your best beach tunes or relaxing poolside music.

4. Jump In. Take a deep breath and brainstorm your ideas for summer. Don’t worry - you don’t have to commit yet – we’re just dreaming here.

5. Ask Fun Questions. Some good questions to inspire you:

- What did I love doing in the summer as a kid?

- What would truly make summer memorable for myself and my family?

- What experiences and adventures would I like to have?

- What are some simple ideas to create more summer relaxation, fun, and joy-filled moments?

- If I could say it out loud, what would I love to do this summer?

6. Pick Your Favorites. Ask yourself which ones you'd love to make happen this summer. Pick one or pick 10 – you decide -- but commit to doing something with your list.

7. Get Crazy Specific. This is the most important part -- get as specific as you can with times, dates, and places – nothing will actually happen until you put it on your calendar. Rinse. Repeat with each favorite wish.

Be Your Own Wish Grantor.

Remember, no wishes happen unless they make it to your calendar. Go ahead, give yourself permission to be the kind of person who makes dreams come true. Even if it means you are your own personal wish grantor. Living out your summer wishes might make you the most interesting person you know. Your family and friends will treasure the chance to see more of the kid in you coming out to play. Go ahead, be the kind of person who dares to have summer wishes and celebrates them all season long.


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