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Tuning Your Heart to "God Whisper Mode" - 3 Ideas for Hearing More From Him

"Let me hear in the morning of your steadfast love, for in you I trust. Make me know the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul." Psalm 143:8

I find it hard to listen. I mean really listen. I’m thinking of the kind of listening which stirs you up, moves you, and inspires you to know deeply that God is speaking to your heart.

I long for God’s words, yet can’t shut up long enough to hear them.

In the blank spaces of my striving, the chatter comes rushing in. Thoughts parade themselves like an assembly line one after the other, never-ending in their demands for attention.

What should I make for dinner?

Did I remember to call back the service repair man?

I should do laundry today so I can wear my favorite shirt tomorrow.

I swat away the busy thoughts like pesky flies and chastise myself for my inability to focus on God. In the darkness of my closet, I ask, “God what do you have for me today?”

The moment I ask it, my mind immediately shifts back to my to-do list. I pretend I’m listening to God, yet I can’t stay present long enough to hear Him. The hurry-up clock in my head starts ticking. I find myself anxiously pressing, almost rushing God with His response.

Again, I shake off the naggy thoughts and desperately plead, “God, I really want to hear from you! Please tell me what I need to hear today!”

Seriously. Over the noise of my life, I am not listening at all. I’m not even close. In truth, God is speaking to me all day long and I’m not hearing any of it. I soon realize not only am I not listening to God, but I’m truly not listening to anyone I love at all.

If God is speaking to me all day, then listening to the audiobook of my life is a good place to start. I believe God doesn’t speak to us only in the dark, prayer closet times. He doesn’t only speak when our minds are serene, empty and peaceful. I’m learning that He whispers to us all day, every day. So do our loved ones. That is if we can become present enough to hear them.

Try this out. Pay attention to the soul whispers of everyone who comes across your path. Set your heart to “God whisper mode” and see where He is speaking to you. Here’s what I found:

-When I deeply listen to my friends, they reveal where they need encouragement and more of Christ’s love.

-When I make space to listen to my spouse, he shares where he most needs my help and most importantly, my love.

-When I purposefully listen to my child, I hear where his voice catches, how he holds hurts from our last conversations and where I need to give more love and grace.

-When I listen for God in all circumstances, I hear more of Him.

Here are three ways I’m listening for more of God in my day:

1. What’s Your Life Audiobook? Consider what your life is saying about you right now. Are you available for listening? If your life were an audiobook, would Jesus be a central character? My overfull mind and racing thoughts showed me I needed to slow down.

2. Put on Your God Goggles. Invite God to speak to you in a deeper way. Invite Him to quiet you, calm you and give you awareness to hear Him.

3. Expect God to Show Up. Be ready to hear from Him. Listen with an expectant heart. When we seek wisdom in Him, He will give it.

Be on the lookout for God’s whispers. He can use anything and any circumstance to speak to you. Set your heart dial to “God Whisper Mode” and get ready to hear more from Him all day, every day.

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