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My Summer Greatest Hits Album

If you believe Labor Day marks summer’s end, then that means time is almost up. With that in mind, what were your best memories this summer? It’s a great time to take stock of your summer season and also wedge in any last summer goodness before Labor Day rolls around.

Here’s my “Summer Greatest Hits Album” of four favorite memories this season:

1. Hugging necks/seeing faces of the people I treasure.

My summer was bookended by family gatherings with the people I love – in the Outer Banks of North Carolina and Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I’m especially grateful to have spent extended time with our newest family addition, grand-baby Lincoln (age 1ish) who might be the cutest baby on the planet. Just sayin.

2. Baseball.

I love summer baseball. We have the Holly Springs Salamanders Team in our backyard and watching these college kids play the sport they love is a wonder. I’m grateful our family got to enjoy the perfect summer night of sitting in the stands, eating peanuts with a cold beer, and watching America’s greatest game.

3. Something New.

I wanted to spend more time on the water this year and so I got an inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard to make it happen. It took me more times than I want to say before I was confident enough to stand up on it - but eventually, I got the hang of it. Watching the morning mist rise off the lake with just me and my paddleboard was pretty magical. Surviving the wake of boats, not so magical.

4. Go Fish!

My friend Katie and I have talked about going fishing almost every summer and for whatever reason, we haven’t, until this summer. She and I went fly-fishing on the Caney Fork River in North Carolina for the first time at the end of July. I called it the “Fish Spa” because wading through a rushing river in the middle of the summer has to be about the most relaxing thing I have ever done. She caught a fish, I didn’t. I’m trying not to hold it against her.

What About You – What’s In Your Summer Greatest Hits Album?

Now it’s your turn – what memories are you savoring from the summer? What do you hope to enjoy before summer is over?

For me, I hope to find time to notice summer before it’s gone. Maybe it’s spending time walking in nature or looking up at the nighttime sky. Usually the times I enjoy the most are when I’m doing nothing at all, but taking time to notice everything and feeling grateful.

I hope your last days of summer include something that makes your heart sing or simply the time to enjoy the abundant blessings of the soon-to-be-gone season.


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