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My Summer Reading Project

What are you reading right now?

As a kid, I remember looking over the summer reading lists as if they were a punishment. "Who makes a kid do homework, in the SUMMER?" As my own kid got summer reading lists, I had a similar response. I mean really, how could anyone choose better books than what I could pick out?

Thank goodness I was wrong, both as a kid and as an adult. Some of the most fascinating books were ones I never picked for myself or my family. In fact, reading what someone else chooses is a true exercise in faith and adventure in my book. (Pun intended, of course.)

When I was homeschooling, every summer a couple of moms would get together and read something our kids would read in the year ahead. I loved that book club. I loved diving into literature with lots of layers. Great books are like that, an excellent story with layers of emotion, values, and ideas that stay with you.

This summer, there are no lists or required readings or mommy book clubs. Missing that idea, I decided to invent my own summer reading project. It started off as a curiosity about living better, empty nesting, reinvention, finding adventure, and a new personal season. Pretty soon I had a big pile of books for my summer reading roadmap. To top it all off, I added studying Romans to my project too. I figured spending time in the Bible is always a good idea for any reading list.

What about you? What good stuff are you reading this summer? My encouragement is to pick a curiosity, a love, a whisper of something that fascinates you -- then go make your own book pile, book project, or roadmap for book adventures. Whatever you want to call it. Be inspired by what's new and interesting at your local library or favorite Indie bookstore. Spending time in worthwhile books isn't only for your kids, or when you are studying for a class, it's a chance to grow deeper in a well-lived life.


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