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3 Summer Goodies for You

Even though summer doesn't officially begin until June 21, I can't help but think of Memorial Day weekend as the true start of summer. To get things rolling, here are a few goodies to kick off the season for your family. Happy Summering!

3 Summer Goodies for You

1. Great Summer Reads

It's not officially summer unless you are reading some great books. Here's my favorite blogger Modern Mrs. Darcy's 2022 Official Summer Reading Guide - it's chockablock full of book ideas and other summer fun reading goodness. You're welcome!

2. Summer Bucket List Adventures

Here's a list of 80 very fun and summery bucket list ideas from Annette White, who literally wrote the book on bucket list adventures.

3. Summer Tunes - My Summer Playlist

What's summer without some chill-out tunes? It is so much fun to make your own playlists on Spotify! You can check out mine below or create your own for summer fun road trips.

Wherever your summer plans take you, I hope you will treasure every moment.


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