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Maycember & Ordinary Lovely Things for You

How's your Maycember going? Apparently the month formerly known as May is now Maycember. Or at least that's what my friends and social media folks are telling me.

May, like December, is loaded with a million activities: Mother's Day, end-of-school year stuff, graduations, Memorial Day weekend cookouts, bridal showers, teacher/nurse appreciation, and more all happening this month. Yet we don't get all the presents and cookies like we do in December, so there's that.

Every month I share an ordinary/lovely check-in and invite you to do the same. If you like this idea, I created a free downloadable journal page in the link below. Here's what's happening that's ordinary and lovely around here.

PS If you want a good laugh, check out this Maycember parody from NC's own, the Holderness Family.

May Ordinary & Lovely Things

Scripture on my heart...Psalm 27

This is my "wilderness times passage" as it's perfect when I find myself endlessly ruminating. My favorite calming scripture to hang out in during chaotic times.

I remember...Those who gave their lives for our country this Memorial Day.

With all the cookouts, gatherings, and summery spreads, it's easy to forget the point of Memorial Day - remembering those who fought for our country. This weekend, I am remembering both the commitment to defend our country and those who lost their lives doing so.

I hope to... Not kill my plants.

Every spring in supreme optimism, I plant all sorts of herbs, vegetables, and lovely flowers. And come late summer, they die tragically in the extreme Southern heat. My husband and I made a herb and pepper patch out of a watering trough for my Mother's Day gift (pictured above). Wise friends tell me that peppers love the heat and are hard to kill. Well, here goes nothing.

I pray... Blessings over upcoming family gatherings.

This summer, we are getting ready for a bunch of family times, gathering from near and far. I'm praying blessings over all of my immediate and extended family and their children just like Kari Jobe sings about in her song, The Blessing.

I celebrate...Graduates everywhere.

This is the generation that was hit probably the hardest by the pandemic as many never had a normal high school graduation or college experience. I celebrate both my son and grandson as they graduate, along with all the young people celebrating graduation milestones. Praying that these experiences deepen their resilience and tenacity for life.

What About You? What's ordinary and lovely for you this month?

Whether you are finding this month to be a true Maycember or easing into the summer season with style, praying you find a chance to savor all the ordinary and lovely things this month.


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May 23

This is the first I've heard Maycember. Where have I been! I know you are deep into all the extra things. Thinking of you and praying you'll know God's presence every moment of every day.

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