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3 Good Questions About What's Your Calling

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

Whenever I hear someone say, "It's my calling" I get a bit jealous.

Truly it's good kind of jealous. Most likely because I wish I had that kind of certainty. Don't get me wrong, definitely, there have been seasons in my life when I was pursuing what I was meant to do. Particularly when I was in the midst of homeschooling, I felt as if I was on purpose and exactly where I was supposed to be. It was hard, but it was a good kind of hard that left me tired but inspired almost every day.

But I'm beginning to imagine the idea of "calling" differently. I'm starting to see it more like "assignments." For me, it takes the pressure off not to have one big fat thing that I'm doing for God. Assignments aren't always tasks, they might also mean making space for something in your life or letting something go. I think God wants our hearts more than He wants our accomplishments. After all, He is God. He doesn't really need us to get stuff done. He gently invites us into His dreams for our lives.

So here are a few questions I'm considering on the idea of "what's your calling?"

1. What's God Putting Before You? I'm trying to pay more attention to things God has put on my path. Not to see interruptions or random conversations as random, but more divine appointments. Because that is what they are. Do you notice a neighbor that is shut in or lonely? Visit them. Do you see someone working hard in your fitness class? Point out that you see them and celebrate them. Is your friend struggling? Stop the conversation right there and pray. Those are all holy assignments. In the words of Theologian and Christian Author Henry Blackaby, "Find where God is already working and join Him there."

2. What Do You Have to Give (besides money)?

Sometimes I am put in situations that I don't like because it requires something of me - either time or money. We are called to give, but not always money. Sometimes people just want us to listen to them and hear what they are going through. Or sometimes they are grateful that you remembered a job interview they had and asked how it went. Sometimes you can share what you know or connect them with someone who can help them. But being open to sharing whatever you have is another chance for a holy assignment.

3. Where Are You Seeing Fruit?

When I see fruit in a situation, it tells me I'm onto something. I'm talking about spiritual fruit - love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). Seeing fruit tells me that I'm investing in a way that is yielding something good. Sometimes I see it right away, or after a really long time, or sometimes never. But I think your heart can tell the difference when you are giving of yourself in a classy, Jesus-kind of way and when you are not. Sometimes the fruit we gain is simply knowing we did everything we could to be loving in a situation.

What About You - Do You Have a Calling? Where Are You Seeing God at Work?

Sometimes the idea of a calling sounds like a humble brag. But I think inside of us there is a place where we know how God has gifted us and what we are good at. The most important part is to consider how to leverage that for God instead of only ourselves. It may be in little ways or big ways, but all of us are invited to join Him into a vibrant life of holy assignments.

How Can You Use More of Who You Are for the Goodness of God?


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Oct 09, 2023

Not to see interruptions or random conversations as random, but more divine appointments

Wow, wouldn't this reframing change our perspective on every encounter.


Oct 05, 2023

This is so good, Cara. Yes, yes, God wants obedient hearts not titles and 'getting stuff done' for Him. Thanks for this grace-filled reminder.

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