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Good Things I've Been Reading Lately - Fall Edition

No other season says "get reading" quite like the fall does. Of course, this statement is best declared in your brightest teacher voice with a cable knit sweater.

With all of the back-to-school energy, fall colors, and hunkering down at home, books make great companions for the season. Here's what I've been into lately.

Seriously, a book where the main character is an octopus? Can that really work? Turns out, a book with the main character as an octopus works beautifully. This is a bittersweet story with a bit of a mystery I found myself trying to figure out the whole way. I fell in love with every character in this book and was sad when it ended. A surprising, cleverly written book.

Wow, this is such a powerful read. It's hard to believe that this book was recommended by our church pastor since there is so much language in this book. I listened to this book on a car ride and spent much of it with my hand on my heart. The tenacity of David Goggins is breathtaking. One caveat - sometimes the swearing gets a bit much. But in Goggins' words, he said a hard story had to be told in hard language. This book was about learning to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. The audio version is so good.

This pretty little book was pretty intimidating to me. Spending 8 weeks in Psalm 27 didn't sound easy. Plus with sections that used words like hermeneutics and the Blue Letter Bible app to look stuff up, I wasn't sure I was up for that much depth. But it turns out, it was a good challenge. I loved that this study took me by the hand and showed me step by step how to wade into the deeper waters of the Bible. This is a fantastic study if you are looking for more confidence in your faith when doubts and fears burden your heart.

I admit, I judged this book by its cover. I found it hard not to fall in love with this book from its lush jacket design in what might be the sweetest bookstore ever in Brevard, NC. This book feels like a little bit of everything - interesting research about food and mood, clever stories, and solid health advice, all paired with friendly recipes to practice what you are learning. How food influences mood feels somewhat obvious to me (said while reaching for a bag of chocolate). But I notice when I read books about healthy choices, I tend to be better at making healthier choices. A good read if you want some thoughtful insights on food mood connections and some practical recipes that are approachable and fun.

Karen Brown Tyson is not only a personal friend, but she is an incredible writing coach and inspirational mentor to me. In her newest book, she bravely shares her personal journey with breast cancer in an authentic and life-giving way. Karen writes in such a beautiful, relatable style. A great book for finding hope and encouragement when facing tough stuff, especially cancer.

What About You? What are you reading this fall?

Fall brings not only a new season but an opportunity to pour fresh thoughts into your heart and mind. Consider what you need most this season and check out your local library for the good stuff. Or if you like supporting local bookstores, check out to support a store near you.

Fall into the season with fresh thoughts and ideas to encourage your heart.


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Sep 14, 2023

I've read some that are ok, good, and one that I thought, huh? but my recent stand out is Georgie, All Along by Kate Clayborn. It was a sweet story about being yourself and helping another find their true self. Thanks for sharing what you've been reading. Always enjoyable.


Karen Brown Tyson
Karen Brown Tyson
Sep 13, 2023

Thank you for sharing my book! And thank you for sharing the other titles too. I plan to add them to my reading list. ❤️

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