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Three Things I'm Doing for the Last Back to School

This week marks my last back to school.

As my son heads off to college for his final school year, I know this is what's supposed to happen. Still, I keep expecting it to get easier, but it never does. The gaze of his eyes has shifted from a hopeful teenager to a confident young man who is learning to know who he is and what he wants. He is following hard after God and he is comfortable in his own skin. That's more than a mom could ask.

All the wise women tell me all these thoughts are exactly right, but truly it's about surrendering. But to be honest, I'm terrible at it. Lately, I've been inviting God to show me how to do this next season well. No one told me that the end goal of parenting is for them to leave and never need you. That is if you are doing it well.

Yet I know if there is anyone who knows how to surrender their child, God understands. Through his own son, He knows what it's like to let go and to give up your own kids to the world. But truly, I don't like it. So every day I pray for wisdom to lay things down - to let my now adult child go and know it's not about me.

In an effort to honor the moment, here are three things I'm doing for the final back-to-school (which actually works well for all back-to-schools).

Covering My Child in Prayer. I'm praying that God goes before the next season ahead, the plans, the future. My prayer has remained the same since kindergarten until now, that God would shape my child into a virtuous young man who follows hard after Him all the days of his life. I know if he gets this part right, God will take care of everything else.

Giving Myself Grace. Whether I like it or not, one season is ending and another one is beginning. Some days I am a big ball of wreckage and that means my humanness is showing. I've decided there are no awards for handling it well. It's hard and that's okay.

Celebrating in Whatever Way Sounds Right. I'm not exactly sure how to celebrate the last back to school, but maybe eating sushi and watching a funny movie sounds about right. Or maybe a long walk to think about all that I've learned. Whatever happens, I want to make a little breathing room to acknowledge the milestone that it is.

What About You? What Season is Ending, Beginning, or In the Fantastic Middle?

Whether you are sending off a child, grandchild, or a neighbor's kid, how can you mark the season with love? We all will only pass through this way once, so let's take a minute to cheer others on, pray over their year ahead, or celebrate the moment. Or if you know of a mama that this marks their last or first, be sure to give them a little extra love.

Sending Our Kids Back to School with Grace and Love is Ultimately Preparation for Sending Them Out As Adults With the Same Grace and Love for Life.


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