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How to Be the Light Wherever You Are

“You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

Matthew 5:14 (NLT)

My heart longs for light right now.

With the shortest days of the year upon us, I crave anything sharing glow and goodness. I’ve been lighting candles with more intention, setting up my Christmas decorations earlier than ever and looking for ways to bring more light into my days. I am craving light with everything.

It’s easy to let darkness seep in. If I’m not careful, the daily news casts heavy shadows over my thinking and my heart. Fearful words from friends blanket a grayness upon my spirit. Without thinking, I can indulge in my own critical, negative thinking, convincing myself things will never change. If I am not careful, I can believe I am stuck in the dark.

Or I can stop and consider the light.

I’m not saying deny reality. Things are tough right now. Still, instead of being intentional about focusing on the dark, I can be intentional about shining the light.

Moving from Dark to Light.

The shift in my thinking is barely detectable. Yet it makes all the difference.

I can agree with all the negativity or I can be a voice of light.

I can succumb to fearful thinking or I can embrace the peace of light.

I can close myself off to everything, wrapped in anxiety, or I can walk in the trust of the light. Every day and in every moment, I have a choice – I can choose to live in the dark or I can live in the light.

I long to be light. I long to do all I can to spread the glow of Him.

How Do We Share the Light?

For me, sharing the light is found by doing what’s before me.

Every tiny thing coming across my day is my opportunity to cast a ray of light.

I can send an email to invite neighbors to participate in our community food drive.

I can invite struggling family members to watch on-line church with me.

I can walk with a friend to pour truth and encouragement into her heart.

I can read and study about light in God’s word.

I can write personal, handwritten notes to people who God places on my heart, desperately in need of light.

I can celebrate any good thing, whether it’s the weather, a favorite song on the radio, a beautiful quote.

I can listen to lovely, soul-lifting music and let it wash over me.

I can pray to invite Christ to fill me with His light.

I can wait with hope knowing the light is on the way.

I can be light wherever I am until the Light with a capital L gets here.

It’s easy to give in to apathy, fear, and darkness. With a small shift, I can consider being the light.

Be the Light Right Where You Are.

This Advent season, my encouragement is to consider the idea of light. God wants better for us by seeking His goodness. Find ways to spread His light in meaningful ways with your family. Like the city on a hilltop that can't be hidden from Matthew 5:14, you have a chance to cast a loving glow. Be the light wherever you can and in whatever ways you can. Today is a beautiful day to share the light.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Dec 19, 2020

Beautiful reminder to be a light. I love these words of life as they speak to the heart of our desire to uplift and encourage one another. You are a true light, my friend. Keep shining!

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