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Could Ordinary Be Your Superpower?

I've been thinking about ordinary.

Truly, it started off as my own personal dare. I found myself daring over the idea of changing the world for God. Big stuff, right? I mean, come on, changing the world for God sounds pretty lofty. Who do I think I am? I didn't even do that well in high school geometry.

Changing the world sounds like building an orphanage in a Third World country, coming up with a cure for cancer, solving world hunger, and finding a home for every homeless person. All of those are important causes. But, in truth, I'm deeply average. I'm not a social media star or have dramatic influence or incredible abilities. Not sure where to begin, I started to pray over this question.

How do you change the world for God when you are deeply average?

Bob Goff, one of my favorite authors said, "every day God invites us on the same kind of adventure."

He said,"It's not a trip where he sends us on a rigid itinerary, He simply invites us. God asks what it is He's made us to love, what it is that captures our attention, what feeds that deep indescribable need of our souls to experience the richness of the world He made. And then leaning over us, He whispers, 'Let's go do that together.'" -- Bob Goff

Here's where I arrived - God loves ordinary. I think when we show up with our ordinary lives, we acknowledge that we don't have it all figured out. We understand our own lack of abilities, resources, and skills. Yet our hands are open and we are ready to walk where He wants us to, no matter if it's humble or simple or extravagant.

I used to think my calling had to be big and bold. I used to think that there was only one specific way God wanted to use my gifts and skills. I just needed to wait for the right moment and timing to know what it was. But I think God wants to use all of our moments, all of our gifts, all of the time.

Now I see my calling everywhere. Working out in the gym is the chance to listen, encourage, and be present to others. Talking to neighbors is my opportunity to find ways to care for them and hear their journey. Emails, texts, and phone calls are my chance to spread the light of gratitude and blessings. Wherever my feet fall and wherever my day takes me, I have the chance to give others the gift of being seen and known. I can do all of this because I have experienced that love of Christ firsthand. Because He first loved me, I can pour out every chance I get, anywhere I go.

Are you ordinary too?

There are plenty of days when I don't feel up to the task of being a light. In fact, many days I feel pretty dim on the inside. But I find when I can share the love of Christ in any small way, it inspires me to do it again. And again. These small acts of care and encouragement may seem small and insignificant. But I think God likes unlikely and insignificant stuff. When I bring my ordinary average self, He gets to show off in ways only He can.

The next time you feel average, embrace it. Take your ordinariness and let it be your offering. Let your quiet act of rebellion be sharing the love of Christ in only the places you can. In this way, together, we will absolutely change the world for God.


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Aug 11, 2022

The minute I saw the title I knew my answer is, YES! Ordinary is my superpower! As I read on, I relate to your journey and find myself in need of frequent reminders this is God's work. Ordinary, present, smiling, listening...always.

Cara McLauchlan
Cara McLauchlan
Aug 11, 2022
Replying to

Amen sister! Thanks for being on the journey of ordinary with me!

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