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The Summer's Not Over Yet Collection for You

The daisies always tell the story.

Every summer, the giant Shasta Daisies tell me where we are in the summer calendar. The shrubby, prolific perennial goes crazy with blooms just as summer is reaching its peak of greatness. I see them outside of my window and it's truly a party going on out there.

Even though the back-to-school ads are everywhere, I'm not ready to give up on summer quite yet. So with that in mind, here's my summer's pinnacle collection of posts. Like the daisies, consider this your reminder that summer's best days are still right here.

The Summer's Not Over Yet Collection

Slow My Summer Please - If you are in need of simple, unhurried things that remind you to take it slow - here are three of mine.

Revisit the Summer Wish List It's not too late to be your own best friend by granting a summer wish. Go ahead and ask the questions from #5 - what did you love to do as a kid in the summer?

Chill Please - How About A Few Cooling Treats? Favorite no-cook recipes, cold drinks, summery flicks list, and of course, a summery Spotify playlist.

Calm it Down Summer Goodies. If you are in need of some calm - here are a few fun things: soundscapes of the world, toddler bedtime ritual and Downshiftology taking it down a notch cooking advice.

One Summer Day to Do What You Love. Don't forget to take at least one day to savor all the good summer things. Here are my dreamy summer day ideas for fun inspiration.

What About You?

Whether you need to grant wishes, slow it down, calm it up, chill out, or remember what you love, now is the time. Summer's not quite over, but there is no time like the present to care for yourself well as the final flourish of the season awaits.

Summer's Final Flourish is the Best Time for Your Heart to Follow Suit


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