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My Summer Highlights (So Far)

Recently someone asked me what the highlights of my summer were so far. And I couldn't think of a single thing.

Seriously? I knew I had done a few things worth remembering, but in the constant hum of life, it's easy to forget. If summer feels like it's going fast for you too, then how about joining me for a quick little pause? Now might be a good time to throw around some summery confetti for what we loved so far.

Here's my summer highlight list - hoping it inspires you to consider where you can celebrate some summery stuff too. And how do you do this? A fun way is to look back through your phone and see what photos pop up, but it's also a neat question to ask your family to see what their favorite things have been.

My Summer Highlights (So Far) In Order of Awesomeness:

#5. Life-Changing White Peaches - I lucked upon what might have been the best peaches I have ever had from the Asheville Farmer's Market. So good. The South forever amazes when it comes to peaches.

#4. Summer Means Baseball - It's not summer unless we get to watch at least one baseball game in-person. We recently took in a game to watch our favorite local team, the Holly Springs Salamanders. Go Manders! (that's just fun to say too)

#3. Inspirational Sports Movie Marathon - My husband and I have gotten into a theme this summer of watching movies with inspirational sports themes. We have been re-watching all of our favorites. Here are a few of the best: Remember the Titans, Glory Road, The Rookie, Invincible, and McFarland, USA.

#2. Church in the Woods at the Summer Chapel - I feel like I take a step back in when we visit The Summer Chapel in the North Carolina mountains. Imagine an adorable tiny church in a breathtaking mountain setting. The best part is that they play some of the best bluegrass Gospel music around. I love that there still are places that worship with the same sweet traditions of long ago.

#1. Visiting My Father's Homeland - My siblings and I were able to gather as a family in Puerto Rico to visit my dad's home country. We walked so many of the places he had shared with us during our growing-up years. What a joy to be able to share that history and culture with our own kids while celebrating family.

What about you? What's on your summer highlight list?

Unless I take time to intentionally pause, I'm never truly present to all the goodness that has been given to me. My encouragement is to make and enjoy your fun summer plans, but also take some time with your family to acknowledge the joys of the summer so far. When we do so, not only do we operate from a grateful place, but we also get to relieve the beauty of our summer joys once again.

Reflecting On Our Summer Joys Allows Us to Relive Their Goodness Once Again


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1 Comment

Jul 27, 2023

Love this idea of marking the highlights. I can't believe I haven't seen McFarland, USA since McFarland is my maiden name!

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