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Good Things I've Been Reading Lately

Updated: Jul 13, 2023

Summer as a kid meant hanging out at the town library. Partly because it was something to do, but mostly because it was supremely air-conditioned and free.

In that era, air-conditioning meant a square metal box housed only in the window of your parent's bedroom. Now most of us enjoy it without even thinking twice. But, just In case you are looking for something interesting to read at your nicely air-conditioned library too, here are a few good things I've been reading lately.

A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice


I could not stop talking about this book. Maybe because of the fascinating story about early investing in Russia or because of the details of heartbreaking insights of the Putin government. Nevertheless, I'm so glad my book club picked this as I never would have read it on my own. I felt smarter after reading this book. This summer, I talked about it at every barbecue, every coffee date, and every get-together with friends. So good.


This is a fast and fun read about the knockoff, high-end luxury handbag market. I chose it because it was a featured pick from Reese Witherspoon Book Club and Modern Mrs. Darcy, who described it as a great audiobook for a road trip. I love how she rightly calls it a "heist" style book. Intriguing storylines that left me feeling that I learned something new, but also longing for a really nice purse. A great escape read for summer at the beach.

Taste & See the Goodness of God's Word

Christian Non-Fiction

I'm not gonna lie - this book sort of intimidated me as it sat on my shelf for weeks before I finally cracked it open. In years prior, I had attempted Wendy's earlier book, "The 40-Day Sugar Fast" and found it pretty convicting/soul pruning/hard in a lot of different ways. But I found the 40-Day Feast book to be a kinder, gentler invitation to go deeper in the Word. It features sweet stories, examples, and practical ways you can look at God's word not just for your quiet time, but how it can become more alive in a way that sustains you just like a beautiful feast. For me, it offered a much-needed fresh perspective on spending time in the Bible.

Keep Your Mouth Shut & The Welcome Mat Out

Christian Non-Fiction

My friend Becca suggested this book after spending many meals, coffees, and walks trying to work our way through parenting our adult children well. Packed with practical, down-to-earth wisdom for almost every stage of adult children, this book was like having coffee with a wise friend. My greatest takeaway is what the title already says: keep your mouth shut and the welcome mat out. I have read this book three times. That should tell you everything you need to know. But I still feel like I need to read it three times more.

What About You? What Interesting Finds Are You Reading This Summer?

One more thing I wanted to share - one of the neatest sources I found for books online is Not only is their website chock-a-block with fun and interesting book suggestions, but you get to choose a local bookstore as a beneficiary from your purchase.

And of course, don't forget to visit your local public library.


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