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Calming End of Summer Treats for You

I've been craving calm things lately.

Certainly, I could pin it on the world being, well, the world. But as summer winds down this weekend, I thought I would follow suit and embrace a few calming treats.

If you've been longing for calm too, consider this your end-of-summer relaxation invite.

Go ahead and listen to the Canadian rain forest or swans on the seashore of Iceland. Nature sounds from around the world are captured on this website for the ultimate in virtual escapes.

I have saved and read and re-read this round-up of stories so many times. Such a fun read to inspire and transport you -- tiny little stories with a big impact.

I really enjoy all the music from the Daily Calm - if I need to focus on work, or need to listen to something to fall asleep. Truly it has a soundscape for everything from anxiety, to focus, to sleep to stress relief.

My Toddler Bedtime Ritual

My favorite way to relax looks like the perfect toddler bedtime routine - a nice bathtime soak, reading stories in my PJs, and early lights out. It's sort of embarrassing how early I go to bed, but there's nothing I love more than going to bed super early and getting up super early. How do you wind it down? If you are looking for some inspiration for winding down, check out my favorite bath soak company, Pursoma -- you can find their stuff at Target, Ulta or on-line. Also, you'll find inspiring articles about relaxation and self care in their Journal section. Or better yet, for free you can give my toddler bedtime routine a try.

A friend recommended checking out Downshiftology. Love her recipes, meal prep ideas, but mostly her mindset of "taking life down a notch." I love saying that - makes a nice t-shirt. Check out her website for kinder, gentler lifestyle and healthy food advice. A good place to start is her "12 Healthy Habits to Feel Better Long Term."

What's Your Favorite Calming Treat?

Please share in the comments below any of your favorite tips, tricks, or hacks for adding more calm to your day. I hope you and your loved ones find ways to take it down a notch this weekend and all your weekends ahead.


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1 Comment

Sep 01, 2022

Thanks, Cara. Going to check a few of these out and what a beautiful photo of the sky behind the mountains. Glorious!

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