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5 Cooling Summer Treats for You

As a kid, my favorite way to cool off in the summer was to run through the sprinkler. It never got old and it was cheap and easy entertainment. After all the scorching days this month, the sprinkler is sounding pretty good right now. How about you? If you are in need of some chill, here are 5 cool ideas for you.

1. Too Hot to Cook - 5 No Cook Recipes

I'm a huge fan of the foodie website Pick Up Limes -- her videos are gorgeously soothing and beautiful. She's like the best friend you wished you had. Check out her lovely video of 5 summery no-cook recipes when it's too hot to cook. You're welcome.

2. Classic Summer Flicks

Sometimes, you just gotta hunker down in the AC and watch a classic summer movie. Here are my favorites: Dirty Dancing, Grease, Parent Trap, Enchanted April, and Point Break. Still torn between the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan or the original with Hayley Mills - love them both!

Modern Mrs. Darcy features a fun roundup of summer refreshment recipes -- I just tried the summer spritzer this weekend and it was almost as good as the Nestea Plunge.

4. Take Care of You - How to Be Healthy in the Heat

I love Dr. Frank Lipman and his weekly newsletter Weekly Wellness. Here's an awesome article from him about "8 Ways to Stay Healthy in the Summer Heat." I love his #1 tip on making your home a "cool cocoon."

5. Perfect Summer Vibes Playlist

How better to escape the heat with some great summer tunes? Here's my favorite Summer Vibes Playlist from Spotify.

"Summertime is always the best of what might be." - Charles Bowden

How Do You Chill?

Summer is going fast -- only a few more precious weeks to enjoy the season. I hope you are finding ways to chill out this season, either literally or figuratively. Make some memories with your family while you can -- even if it's simply dashing through the sprinkler one more time.


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04. Aug. 2022

I'm already checking out the no cook recipes and will be checking out the Weekly Wellness. Love the photo of you in the waterfalls. We've seen some lovely falls in the NC mountains.

Gefällt mir
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