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What If the Holidays Were Easy?

Remember when the holidays were a joy?

My friends and I were whining, I mean chatting over this question recently as we were planning the impending tornado of shopping, cooking, and decorating, formerly known as the holidays.

What's true is I long to make the holidays meaningful. I'm guessing you do too. I deeply desire to care for my friends and family in ways that demonstrate how much they mean to me, but in food, gift and decorations form. I think those are all good things, but in truth, not the best thing.

Creating a Hallmark vibe in your home, giving amazing gifts, and cooking up a sumptuous meal are all good things. But if I'm honest, I could do those things and still never experience one speck of joy.

Ultimately, this Christmas, I want to be surprised.

Not the kind of surprise from a blue Tiffany box or from the warm feeling of new furry boots or the satisfaction of a decadent piece of chocolate. All wonderful stuff. But I'm talking about the kind of surprise that comes from reading Luke 2 and remaining deeply in awe of all of it.

Lately, when life or circumstances get overwhelming, I ask myself the question, "what if it were easy?" I'm not trying to make light of difficult things. But it's clever how your mind goes to work on finding the answer when you ask a different and ultimately more fun question.

For me, that looks like more margin and rest. It means instead of feeling guilty about doing enough, I invite collaboration for more fun. Instead of making myself crazy with expectations, I can get clear in my heart about what would make it more joy-filled, more Christ-like, and more about rest. I can read Luke 2 again with fresh eyes and hear it from this particular season of life.

The word "mas" in Spanish means more. Looking at it together with "Christ" that is deeply what I long for this season - more Christ, less me, less world. When I can get my focus on the joy, the ease, the deep surprise of His coming, it all falls into place.

Good Questions to Ask

What do you need to re-capture the joy of it all again?

How can you be surprised by Christ's goodness this season?


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Dec 08, 2022

Perfect! This year I was able to purchase a beautifully written book about our Savior and what Christmas truly is. I am sending it out to all my family and friends to remind them..Jesus is my life and Lord..praising Him and celebrating Him is ultimately what we all need to do:) Much love and blessings to you, Cara,, judie mclaughlin/


Dec 08, 2022

So true. Even reading your words have rekindled my inner peace.

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