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16 Everyday Gratitude Ideas for You

Recently I learned the word for Thanksgiving in Spanish is "accion de gracias." Literally the "action of thanks."

Usually, I think of Thanksgiving as a passive experience. Hands folded, head bowed in a peaceful meditation of abundance. Or gathering around a table to celebrate life's blessings. All nice images. But thinking over the Spanish word invited me to think of gratitude in a more alive state.

What does gratitude look like if I put it into action?

In looking over my ordinary life, I began to think about ways that gratitude might show up. As we prepare for Thanksgiving, here's a quick list of ordinary gratitude ideas.

16 Everyday Gratitude Actions

Food Gratitude

Double a dinner recipe and share it with a neighbor.

While doing your regular shopping, pick up instant mac-n-cheese and canned goods and donate to a local food pantry.

Take a frozen meal or soup to a new mom or a friend who is sick.

Home Gratitude

Invite someone in need of fellowship over for dinner.

Bless someone with your excess stuff - put an empty box by the door for donation items to charity weekly.

Open your doors – welcome someone new in for coffee, dinner or just to hang out.

Neighborhood Gratitude

Take a walk and pray over your neighbors.

Wheel back your neighbor’s trash can, gather accumulated newspapers, offer to collect their packages while they are away.

Take an interest - get to know your neighbors - their kids’ names, pet names, workplace, and passions.

Family Gratitude

Find something to celebrate weekly, even if it’s small. Even better – celebrate something every day.

Surprise your family in love – a special meal, a note of encouragement, or a favorite snack.

Create fun weekly traditions for connection – Monday movie night, Saturday coffee with your spouse, or Sunday morning waffles.

Honor the Sabbath by encouraging your family to truly rest from shopping, activities, errands, laundry, and chores on Sundays.

Service Gratitude

Consider service as a habit, not a one-time seasonal activity.

Look for opportunities to serve others informally – help a neighbor with a ride, offer to babysit a busy mom’s children, or pick up groceries for a friend that is unwell.

Notice the people struggling in your life and ask them what is one small thing you could do to help.

What about you? Where would you like to put more action in your gratitude?

Sharing your overflow with others allows the blessings to multiply again and again.


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17 nov 2022

Excellent thoughts and ideas. I'm sharing this!

Me gusta
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