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3 Slowing Down Fall Treats for You

Is it just me or does fall feel both beautiful and overwhelming?

With the swirl of activities, the gorgeous knock-your-socks-off weather, and the holidays looming, it can be a bit much. If this is your life too, I get it. Perhaps we can slow this thing down a bit.

As you get ready for the weekend, here are a few fun thoughts to take it down a notch.

3 Slowing Down Fall Treats

1. Make a "Little Fall Things List"

This is such a genius hack, inspired by the team at "Girls' Night In." Instead of trying to do all the fun fall things, make a simple list of things or activities you are already enjoying. Things like cracking open the windows more, trying a new fall beverage at the coffee shop, or making your favorite chili. Here's a sweet list of fun and easy fall things to inspire you.

2. Slow Down with Friends

A group of friends from my church decided we would get serious about slowing down. So in advance of the holiday season, we are walking through the book, "The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry." This book is rich with scripture, examples, and great wisdom to get serious about slowing down. I can't recommend it enough. Read it with a friend who needs to slow down too. Or if you are not a reader, check out their podcast, Fight Hustle, End Hurry.

"Autumn is the season to find contentment by paying attention to what we already have at home." - Anonymous

3. Consider Real Rest

Lately I've been thinking about what real rest looks like. Not just sleeping but considering how to stop pressing, pushing, and efforting through the day. For me, it means going to bed earlier, taking time to listen in the early morning, and allowing more time for the Bible to shape my heart. I've decided to rest in the book of Romans this season. Not just pushing and checking off my Bible time with speed in mind, but slowly allowing the word to marinate in my heart. How can you make real rest a part of your day?

What about you? How can you take it down a notch? Whether it's simplifying your fall activities or finding real rest, may you slow down enough to enjoy it all.


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