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All Things Gratitude For You

This week, I decided to invite some friends to collaborate for an "All Things Gratitude" celebration post. I'm in awe of the talents of the companions I get to journey through life with this season. Even though this is a bit longer than usual, I hope it blesses you too as we enjoy an all-things gratitude week leading up to Thanksgiving.

All Things Gratitude For You

A Beautiful Gratitude Infographic from Debby Hudson Creative

Debby is a treasure of creativity and inspires me in so many ways. Follow Debby here to enjoy her seasonal wallpapers, lovely images, and inspiring art.

How Awe Can Inspire Us to Be Grateful by Karen Brown Tyson

Karen shares her cancer journey and what it taught her about gratitude here. Karen inspires me as a writing mentor, cancer survivor, faithful warrior, and beautiful friend. She is that friend that makes you better as a result of knowing them.

Photo by Karen Brown Tyson, Sunshine over Dorothea Dix Park in Raleigh.

Morning Gratitude Song by Laura Hamo, Influence Writing

I'm in awe of Laura's beautiful voice and her authentic ability to bring heartfelt prayers into song. Enjoy her video below of a beautiful morning meditation through song and nature.

A Morning Gratitude Prayer from my friend, Sandy Hay

Sandy is the "wise voice" friend in my life. During a season of loss in my life, I prayed for wise feminine voices for my heart and He so graciously gave me Sandy.

Lastly - My Favorite Gratitude Posts

For 100 ideas on practicing gratitude and a sweet sermon on gratitude check out "What's Your Gratitude Style?"

And my favorite Thanksgiving post of all time, "The Year My 11-Year-Old Cooked Thanksgiving."

Happy Thanksgiving to You!


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