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What’s Your Gratitude Style?

I woke up to 2022 feeling blue-ish.

Usually the start of a fresh new year feels hopeful to me. New possibilities, beginnings, and goals to consider and start for the first time. But this year, 2022 felt like an obligatory nod to someone you didn’t much want to be around.

In hopes of changing my attitude, I decided to take a walk. Not just a casual walk, but more of a “deep think.” My hope was for some fresh air and perspective on a new year that didn’t feel very new.

Maybe you are a cheery New Year sort with a clean planner ready for sparkly goals. Or maybe like me, you’re feeling dreary and concerned for what may be ahead.

Wherever you land, here’s something that helped me arrive at a better place -- gratitude.

Gratitude sounds simple doesn’t it? Yes, perhaps simple, but not always easy.

What changed my heart and mind was walking and listening to a sermon with some wise words about gratitude. It reminded me that gratitude is a choice, not some feel-good, warm Hallmark-movie style feeling. It is an active, living, breathing way of doing life. Sometimes it’s a harder choice than others – but the gratitude muscle is one that we can practice and strengthen daily. If we choose to employ it, it can allow us to always have goodness in our lives no matter what we face.

Even though gratitude sounds simple - the secret sauce is in the practice. So how do you practice? What’s your style of finding gratitude? You could be like me and take a gratitude walk. Or, with a new year to inspire you, now is a wonderful time to figure out your own style.

To get you started, here’s an awesome list of 100 ways to practice gratitude:

Also, here’s the gratitude message I listened to from Northpoint Church in Atlanta, Georgia – it’s a funny and practical message about finding contentment through gratitude.

Listen or Watch - "The Gratitude Effect"

However you are kicking off 2022 -- cheery or dreary -- the simple practice of gratitude is a life-giving place to start. Wishing you a year filled with more contentment and gratitude in 2022.


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