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12 Well-Loved Springtime Recipes

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Spring makes me long for all things new - especially what I put on my plate.

Recently I asked a bunch of friends to share their favorite springtime recipes. What I wasn't expecting was all the sweet stories, handwritten treasures, and lovely memories in abundance that came flooding in. Some recipes are classics, and others were new to me and perhaps to you too. Let's call it the modern take on the old-fashioned recipe swap.

Food holds such history and memory for all of us. Most of these recipes were dishes we grew up enjoying or the ones we treasured surrounded by our dearest people. What a joy to share these meals and memories with those we love.

PS Wherever possible, links to recipes in the title were included. However, for the beauty of handwritten recipes, some downloaded images are also included. Access all the recipes in this sweet downloadable recipe booklet below.

12 Well-Loved Spring Recipes

Access All Recipes in Downloadable Recipe Booklet Below

My New Orleans-loving friend Joni hosted amazing crawfish boils every spring. I might have been the luckiest person alive to be her neighbor and enjoy the spreads. This decadent, over-the-top pasta is a perfect way to celebrate crawfish season. Or if crawfish are not accessible, shrimp is a good swap.

Tara says Fish Tacos are perfect for spring, almost summer vibe. She says even though the recipe looks laborious, her family volunteers to make this one together because they love it so much. She says the sauce is a must! Blend the ingredients below to serve with the tacos and prepare for family adoration.

Yum Sauce

1 clove garlic

1/2 c Greek Yogurt

1/4 c pickled jalapenos (Trader Joe's are delicious)

2 tsp lime juice

1/4 tsp kosher salt

My sister-in-law Pam reminded me of this classic beauty. This dish held court every morning of family visits as we were always in awe of its puffy golden gorgeousness gracing our breakfast table. A classic breakfast dish. The recipe is included in the booklet attached -- I love admiring the beauty of my mother-in-law's elegant handwriting.

My daughter Kelly is not only a brilliant foodie, but also a holistic nutritionist. You can see more of her good stuff on her website, Second Nature Wellness. Kelly always combines what's good for you with a fun twist. Check out this spring seasonal recipe to capture veggie goodness but with a cool take as a griddle cake. Recipe in the attached booklet.

Karen shared this recipe as a way to celebrate and remember her mom, who passed away in August 2022. Not only is it a lovely tribute to our generations past, but it's also a refreshing and unique side dish to bring to your next cookout.

This recipe might be your little black dress dish - as it's always perfect. Dawn said that this black bean salad goes with anything and gets better the more it sits. A perfect accompaniment for any Taco Tuesday or a Cinco de Mayo party! See the handwritten recipe in the attached booklet.

Kathy says this is her favorite version of the classic cookout side. She likes to swap sunflower seeds in for almonds. I have to admit, broccoli and salad were not my favorite combos - but this little beauty is as virtuous as it is tasty. Nothing says spring like a creamy broccoli salad.

A childhood favorite salad, this is Cathy's most adored version of the Seven Layer Salad. She says she wasn't really a vegetable eater but enjoyed this salad every summer growing up. Tasty and refreshing. This is my husband's favorite salad.

Becca brought this to a recent church group potluck and it was a treat. Light, flavorful, colorful, and refreshing salad - perfect for backyard gatherings. Great side to contrast with brats, burgers, or heavier cookout dishes.

Ashley calls these "Road Rally" potatoes. She says a road rally is a scavenger hunt adventure by car that their family enjoyed in years past with friends. They remind me of every church potluck I ever went to growing up and a trip down memory lane with every bite. Recipe included in attached booklet.

A favorite for the little ones and made by my neighbor's mother-in-law as a treat for the grandkiddos every time she visits. I might have to pass this one off as my new tradition with visiting cuties. Recipe in the attached booklet.

Pam's cheesecakes are legendary around our home. She's pretty much ruined me for any other cheesecake made by anyone else. I call this spring break on a plate - an airy, light, ode to Florida cheesecake.


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