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A Few Kind Reminders About Rest

I read a funny line recently -- "Want your face to look more well-rested and refreshed? Pro Tip: Take a nap."

Genius, right? If you're like me, you are always in search of good makeup or an awesome cream that makes your face look younger and more refreshed. But in truth, a nap would probably do the same thing. And it's free. I don't know why it is so hard to create a restful approach to life. All I know is I am forever craving it.

What about you? How are you resting? Recently I was reminded that rest is the foundation for everything - our bodies, minds, and our souls. It informs the rhythm of our days. How we rest dictates how we live our lives. If like me, you struggle with rhythms of rest, not just on the weekends, here are a few things to encourage you.

A Few Kind Reminders About Rest

Choose the Free Space.

When you play Bingo, the first thing you do is put your chip in the free space. We don’t have to do anything to earn it or complete our card to get it. The free space is the thing we get first. What if instead of filling my schedule and giving myself the leftovers, I schedule rest first? This might look like blocking off time for thinking or organizing, a little time spent gardening, or my favorite, an open space on my calendar. Choosing the free space first feels life-giving to my heart.

Get Clear on What You Need.

Recently I was shoving leftovers into my fridge, only to have everything come tumbling out. My overfull fridge looked like my life -- many good things, but way too much crammed in. Taking the time to slow down, clean things out and create space felt like an act of kindness. Maybe you don't have overfull spaces, but my encouragement is to consider what is getting in the way of a rest-filled day. Are you like me, trying to cram too many things in? Or do you simply need to slow down and breathe? Consider where you need to invite some restful spaces and breathing room in your day.

Spend Time with the Best Rester Every Day - Christ

To set a daily tone of rest, my day needs to start with rest. When I can start by listening, marinating on scripture, and praying, I feel better. Not only does it calm me, but it allows me to take inventory of what's in my heart. Sometimes I let other stuff take priority - like laundry, email, to-dos, and the minutiae of life. Yet when I shove all of the busy tasks aside and spend time with the Father before my day gets going, everything is better. Hanging out with Him and letting Him guide my day sets up my day with an attitude of rest. When I spend time with God first, I am better.

What About You? What Helps You Find Rest?

My invitation is to consider what helps you operate in "full cup mode." Those we love and do life with deserve not only our leftovers but the best of us. We were made to live full and abundant lives. This starts with knowing how to rest well.

Resting well allows us

to pour out abundantly for the hearts that surround us.


Here's a Free Printable to Remind You To Rest This Week

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1 Comment

Mar 16, 2023

The way the Message paraphrases that verse from Matthew is my favorite! “Unforced rhythms of grace” - yes!

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