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All My Thanksgiving Favorites

When a friend of mine told me she hated Thanksgiving, I almost told her we couldn't be friends.

I know, I know, not everyone adores cooking up a storm (and probably cleaning like it's an extreme sport). I get it. With the holiday comes a stew of emotions, spiritual baggage, and literal baggage with visitors. But in the spirit of trying to change my friend's mind (and maybe yours too), I'm sharing all my Thanksgiving favorite stories and treats here.

Whether you are Team Thanksgiving or Team Not So Much, here are a few sweet stories to encourage your heart.

All My Thanksgiving Favorites

Hands down, my favorite story of all time about Thanksgiving. The legend lives on.

As we head into the holidays, this is a handy idea list and quote to remind all of us of the importance of gathering at the table (and helpful strategies too.)

In case you need reminding that gathering at the table is a blessing for you -- all you need to do is show up and be ready to receive it.

My mom's favorite dessert and the only one she ever made. Apple Betty will always reign superior in my heart and is the best way to serve up love on a plate.

My most recent post -A very good question I asked long ago that never goes out of style.

Wishing You an Amazing Thanksgiving

Whether it's simple or lavish, tacos or turkey, with family, friends, or a furry friend, may it be a day you are reminded of the blessings overflowing in your life.


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