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How to Ask for What You Need

Sometimes asking for what you need is easy. Like this picture above. I needed a smooch from this service dog. So I asked for it and I got it.

But when it comes to matters of the heart, sometimes it's not so easy.

There is a scripture in Matthew that invites us to "ask, seek, and knock." It reads, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives; the one who seeks finds; and to the one who knocks, the door will be opened." Matthew 7: 7-8 (NIV) "

When I first read that a long time ago, it felt too good to be true. Almost like daring God to give you a beach house, a winning lottery ticket, or a dreamy new car. Not that those aren't great things, but perhaps they aren't always what we truly need.

I read that verse and I think "Yes, yes, I get it." But in truth, do I really get it? Do I really think that I have an audience with the Creator of the world to hear what is on my heart and what I deeply need? Do I ask in boldness for what my heart longs for?

Recently a friend reached out to me and asked me to come over and pray with her. She said she was feeling heartbroken over what was happening in the world and just wanted a friend to sit with her and pray about it. At first, I was humbled that she would think of me. But I was more in awe of her bravery to ask for what her heart truly needed.

If I'm honest, I pray wimpy prayers. I pray for safe travels, to let go of stuff, to cover this situation, or to work out issues I struggle over. Those are all good things. But like beach houses, winning lotto tickets, and new cars, maybe they aren't the best things. Maybe the boldest prayers are things like asking for what I deeply need, or like my friend did, someone to come alongside and pray over a broken world.

Scripture tells us exactly how to ask for what we need. Ask, seek, and knock. Come before the Lord, set down all your plans and ego, and get quiet. Then humbly ask for what your heart most needs for today. He probably knows anyway, after all, He is God. But I think He waits for our readiness to receive it.

Today I'm thinking about what I need to ask for in boldness. In truth, the hardest thing for me to ask is to let God have His will for my day and my life. The ability to set it all aside for God's plan and to make space for what He wants me to do. Even though it feels a bit scary and I don't always like it, I can release it by saying, "Not my will, but yours."

What About You? What Do You Really Need to Ask for Today?

I'm so grateful my friend asked for my help. It reminded me that asking God for what we need is always available to us. But we also need each other. As the hands and feet of Christ, we have the chance to bless others by meeting their needs today.

Just for today:

Ask for what you truly need and ask someone you love how you can bless them today.


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Nov 02, 2023

I'm with you friend. Still struggling through with prayers for myself and pleading when for others.


Nov 02, 2023

Wisdom! I constantly need wisdom (and the fortitude to adhere to that wisdom)!

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