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What's Saving Your Life Right Now?

Updated: Feb 10, 2022

Last February, I shared my post inspired by a favorite writer's question, “what is saving your life right now? Now that we are deep into the winter season, it's the perfect time to remember the life-giving things. I hope it encourages you to consider what is saving you, too.

Here are my favorite three life-saving things:

Relaxing Cooking Videos

I love the expression, “you become what you think about.” I'm hoping that's true -- because watching inspiring cooking videos over lunchtime gives me great joy. Not only is it fascinating to watch other creative foodies, but it reminds me that healthy eating can be beautiful too. A couple of my favorites are: Pick Up Limes (I dare you not to fall in love with her), Yeung Man Cooking (relaxing, charming, simple), and Jane Esselstyn (a sister/mom combo that makes me smile).


Most Wednesdays, my husband and I gather with three other couples from church for dinner. I love having something joyful smack dab in the midst of the week. Every Wednesday, we try to come up with a creative theme and take turns hosting. Sometimes it’s purely social, other times we read and talk about the Bible. As a result, we have shared life together through graduations, illnesses, military deployments, stressful work situations, launching children, and welcoming babies. The consistent habit of gathering and encouraging has been so lifegiving to our family.

Good Books from the Library

I have terrible insomnia. I used to get mad about it and would spend hours trolling around the house in the middle of the night. Now I just read. I’m part of an amazing book club of women who choose fantastic books. I love sneaking off to bed early to read a lush novel. Now when I wake up in the night, it’s like dropping into the company of interesting friends (who never sleep and are always available!) Reading in the nighttime hours feels like a secret window into another world.

What About You? It's Your Turn

What is saving your life right now? If you haven’t taken the time to consider this question, now is a perfect time. Your ideas might inspire others to discover more things to encourage them. Feel free to share it here or share it on your own. If you need more ideas, check out the comments from the original post.

Whether you love the winter season or are barely surviving, coming together to share what’s good is life-giving for all of us.


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1 Comment

Feb 10, 2022

Your Wednesdays sound wonderful. We've renewed an old acquaintance here and having friends to share common backgrounds, beliefs, and stage of life has been life-giving to me.

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