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Your Invitation to Make Friends with Winter

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

I'm grateful for January.

Winter is like a family relative who isn't very attractive but has lots of character. For real, I get not everyone loves winter, and right now can feel especially hard. But lately, I've been finding more and more reasons to enjoy what many consider the least treasured season.

Whether you are a winter lover or loather, consider this your invitation to make winter your new bestie, or at least a likable friend.

Treasure the Un-Rush Season

I see the winter months as lovely deep sigh. I find myself rushing less. My schedule is lighter and I’m not trying to shoe-horn another activity on the calendar. After months of the chaos of the holidays, the winter brings some smooth quiet downtime. No matter how crazy and fun your holidays have been, come January, I love knowing that a new sense of calm has arrived.

Having free space in your week feels just like the free space in the center of a Bingo card – all yours.

Permission to Turn Inward

When the weather turns bitter, I love to imagine someone moved my home to England or Scotland. I light more candles, find a chunky blanket, make a fire, have some hot tea, and get lost in a novel with wintry conditions. For inspiration, here’s a great list of 20 wintry novels from my favorite book blogger – Modern Mrs. Darcy.

20 Books to Cozy Up to this Winter

Become a Foul Weather Wearer

I know your mom probably told you this - when you are dressed right, it makes life more enjoyable. During COVID, my gym moved everyone outside for workout classes, so we had to dress for every kind of condition. At first, it felt ridiculous, but soon I began to love the feeling of the cold air on my skin while bundled up for the conditions. Let’s face it, if you are freezing, you are miserable. So put on your yummy thick socks, wear that heavy cable knit sweater, add a bright-colored scarf, even when you are inside. Go ahead, get cozy with layering for warmth. You may look like an eskimo, but your body will love you for it.

Find Your Own Personal Winter Love

The biggest trick is to ask a better question - “what do I love about winter?” When you ask yourself that question, it forces you to come up with something to love. Maybe it’s making warming soups, picking up a musical instrument, or stocking a birdfeeder and watching what feathered friends show up. Perhaps it's doing nothing at all and having time to putter and rest.

When you can tap into the winter things that encourage you best, it doesn't matter what the weather is like. Find what brings you joy and allow it to nurture you all season long.


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