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The Simple But Lovely Act of Checking In

4 Easy Ways to Care for Our Healthcare Workers

With the recent hurricanes impacting friends and family, my first reaction was to immediately check in on them. And keep checking in on them until after the storm had passed.

That’s why when the local North Carolina ICU medical director begged for the community to check in on healthcare workers, I wondered why I hadn’t thought of it sooner. After all, it doesn’t take much to check in on someone. We do it all the time with our friends, our neighbors, our pets. In fact, if too much time goes by, we will make special arrangements just to let the dog out.

I see my healthcare friends working their faces off and it’s hard to know what to say that could be encouraging. Not working in the healthcare industry, I can change the channel or turn off the news to get a break from it all. But it faces them every time they go to work and probably most of the time as they return home to escape it.

My encouragement and challenge to you this week is to check in on a healthcare worker. A simple text, a phone call, or a card if you feel motivated. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or deep, just letting them know that you see them working hard and you are thinking of them. If you are a person of faith, you can let them know you are praying for them and invite others to join you too.

We all long to be seen and heard. Taking five minutes to let our amazing folks that are working so hard right now doesn’t seem like much. But it is something. You never know how your simple words might be just what is needed for such a time as this.

The world needs your encouragement desperately right now and showing kindness with our healthcare workers is a lovely place to start.

If you are looking for other ways on how to encourage a healthcare worker, here are four additional ideas. If you don’t know anyone personally in healthcare, my encouragement is to contact your local hospital to offer support.

4 Simple Ways to Care for a Healthcare Worker

1. Cards.

Consider sharing a card to let your healthcare worker know you are with them and thinking of them at this time. If you are feeling extra motivated, grab some friends or invite a group of kids to share inspiring messages for a larger group or unit shift at a hospital near you.

2. Food is love.

Share a meal or bring lunch to a healthcare worker friend. Who doesn’t appreciate a thoughtful meal or a surprise lunch? If you aren’t a cook, pick up a boxed lunch from your local deli or take-out place. If you are feeling extra inspired, come together with friends to collaborate for lunch for a shift of workers at the local hospital.

3. Use Your Superpowers.

Are you really great at yardwork? Do you love playing with kids? Are you fantastic at beautiful flower arrangements? Use your gifts to bless a healthcare worker with an offer to mow their yard, take their kids for an afternoon or drop off some beautiful flowers.

4. Goodies are Great.

Consider donating items that would be helpful like snack bars, packaged health snacks, or healthy drinks. Check with your local hospital to find out any restrictions, but baskets of packaged healthy snacks, energy bars, healthy drinks might be a kind gesture for the staff break room. Be sure to include a note to share that you are thinking of them.

Other Ideas? Share them!

If you have other ideas that have worked well for showing care and encouragement for healthcare workers, please share them here in the comments. Everyone benefits when we take time to share care for others in this season.


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