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A Bunch of Cozy Stuff for You

I'll never forget when winter changed for me. Younger me was complaining about how terrible January is. I mean, it's what everyone does right? Grumbling about cold, miserable weather is the norm for all of us. Or is it? Not for my friend Joe.

"I love winter," Joe said. "I love the time to read all the books I've been longing to read, I pile on my favorite sweaters and blankets, light candles, put on cushy socks and have a fire every night. Winter is the season of taking great care of my soul."

My friend's version of winter sounded pretty much wonderful. Who doesn't love cozy fires, candlelight, and great books while the winds are howling outside? Well, if you don't love that, it's possible we can't be friends.

Blame it on writing from the subzero North Carolina mountains or blame it on Joe. But this week's post is simply a dedication to cozy winter stuff.

A Few Cozy Winter Things (inspired by Joe)

Create a Pile of Great Books

Just like Joe said, cozy winter is perfect for a pile of good books from the library. Not sure what to read? Check out this great list of 20 books to cozy up with this winter. I've read quite a few from this list but especially loved Peace Like a River, The Winter Sea, and Winter Solstice. I just recently finished Bel Canto which was beautiful and tragic, sort of like winter.

A Few Cozy Meals

Everyone's got to eat right? This winter I decided to cook my way through all the cozy dishes from Smitten Kitten Keepers. I think I have already cooked almost ten recipes and have loved every single one. (well maybe not the chickpea one.) Seriously, her recipe of Green Angel Hair and Garlic Butter might be the coziest winter dish ever. Pair this with a pretty green salad and crusty French bread and your family might throw rose petals at your feet.

All Things Cozy at Home

What makes you feel cozy at home? According to Joe, it's a fire, candlelight, good socks, blankets, and great food. For my husband and I, we have loved finding relaxing and transportive shows to watch together this winter. Together we are working our way through The Chosen and I personally adore All Creatures Great and Small for the beautiful English countryside and loveable characters.

What Would Make Your Winter Cozier?

Maybe this is finally the winter that that it changes for the better for you. Or maybe you already love winter. Or maybe not. Wherever you land, I hope you will try out some of the cozy ideas and see if you can find a smidge more to love this winter.

For even more inspiration, check out the Girls' Night In Stay Cozy Winter Care Package -- it's a Google doc loaded with their own readers' favorite ideas for books, movies, crafts, and recipes for the winter season. You're welcome.


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2 Yorum

26 Oca 2023

While I'm not a cold weather person really, I do love cold weather clothes, especially sweaters. They are my cozy thing along with a good soak accompanied by a good read. Yeah for cozy!

Cara McLauchlan
Cara McLauchlan
26 Oca 2023
Şu kişiye cevap veriliyor:

Yay for cozy sweaters! I love a good soak too - good stuff!

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