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No Challenges Please, Just Laughter This Year

Last year this time, wise friends of mine were all discussing our word for the year. We had a conversation about inspiring words like resilience, joy, light, release, and other super lovely things. I remember leaving that conversation feeling very encouraged and smart.

About six months later we had the same conversation and not one of us could remember our words for the year. Not one. We fumbled our way through chatting about what we thought it was or what it ended up being. But in truth, we had no idea what our word was and for real, none of it mattered anyway.

If you know me, you know I think words matter. So I think it's sort of ironic and sad/funny that the word person can't even recall her word. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of a word for your year. I am simply terrible at it. I know my super special, heartfelt, and soulful word will be carefully selected and then promptly forgotten.

Only one thought comes to mind for 2023 - Laugh.

With all the social media challenges, 40 days of hard stuff, or declaring your intention for 2023, all I truly want is to make the most of the day and laugh more. I don't mean laugh "at" like I'm part of some cool crowd. I want my default attitude to be not taking myself so seriously. Whether 2023 gives hard things, ordinary things, or fantastic things, I want one word to come rising up like a beach ball held underwater and I want it to be "laugh."

What about you? Maybe you are a word-in-a-year person or perhaps more of an "I'm just fine without a word thank you very much." Wherever you land, I think the best challenge of the year simply might be to laugh more. So I guess in not choosing a word for the year, I actually sort of am. That, in itself, is worth a laugh.

Hopefully, if you ask me about it six months from now,

I can remember my word/not word for the year is laugh.

How can you invite more laughter this year?


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1 Comment

Jan 12, 2023

Love, love, love this! And that photo of you is a perfect companion for your words. I'm resting with you on this - more laughter. It really is medicine for the soul. Thank you, friend! ♡

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