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5 Good Things for Easter Week

I'm keeping things simple this week, with a short but sweet post.

Here are some good things I'm grateful for and enjoying this Easter Week:

1. Giving Myself Breathing Space

I intentionally scheduled as little as possible this week. For Holy Week, I wanted more time to think, pray, and do things more mindfully. Less rushing, more breathing.

2. The Masters Golf Tournament

The Masters Golf Tournament reminds me of my dad and how much he loved the game of golf. Our family loves to watch what I think is probably the best golf tournament of the year. Nothing says spring like watching golf among the beautiful backdrop of spring azaleas and lush greenery.

3. Learning to Fly Fish (again)

My sorta annual tradition of fly fishing is happening this week with my friend Katie and I'm thrilled. I feel like a total beginner every time since I'm not exactly an avid angler. But there's nothing more renewing than standing in a rushing stream of water while enjoying the beauty of nature. (and hopefully catching a fish)

It's not Easter to me unless there are Hot Cross Buns. These sweet yeast rolls with raisins and other fruits inside make me smile. This family tradition lives on every Easter at our table. (I may or may not eat only the tops.)

5. Easter Sunday Awesomeness

Easter Sunday service is pretty much the Super Bowl Sunday of the church world. I love the vibrant worship that will be in full-scale celebration come Sunday. If you don't have a place to attend Easter Sunday services, I'm inviting you personally wherever you are to attend either in-person or on-line at But even better, find a local church that looks like your style and celebrate the joy of Easter in community.

What About You?

What good things are you enjoying this week? My encouragement is to make time for personal renewal this Holy Week as we prepare for Easter. Whether it's more rest, more time outdoors, watching golf, or eating Hot Cross Buns, make time for things that allow your soul to flourish.

John 10:10 says Christ came so that you could have life and have it to the full.

How can you make that scripture come alive in your heart this week?


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