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A Personal Retreat For You

Does the idea of a personal retreat sound dreamy to you?

What a beautiful thing to take time away to renew, rest, or play. Or better yet, time to simply think and dream about new possibilities. Retreating is fabulous, but all the work required to get away, not so dreamy. Is it possible to retreat without having to clear your schedule, pack a bag, and travel far far away? 100 percent yes.

Spring is the perfect time to consider the season ahead. As the landscape around us prepares for blooming, this is your chance to take a moment for you heart. To get started, I collaborated with a few wise friends to share resources for a mini personal retreat. I hope all of these tools will encourage you to carve out some time for yourself and springtime refreshment.

Whether you are needing a rest, a moment to journal, or want to give yourself more space to listen to God, this is an invitation for a personal retreat just for you.

A Personal Retreat – Just for You

Surround yourself with the personal retreat vibe with Debby's free printables and digital wallpapers. Check out Debbie’s soothing resources to stay reminded of rest. Her "Breathe Darling" printable is my personal favorite. For a poetic read on personal retreat, check out Debby's authentic words in “This is My Retreat.”

Karen shares practical strategies and resources for mental wellness. As an added treat, she shares her free mini self-care workbook as a downloadable resource. Check out Karen's article and resources here.

To get you started with creating your own personal retreat, check out these free guided brainstorming pages. These are journal pages to consider what gives you refreshment, and some good questions to ponder. Also, included are 21 Simple Retreat ideas. You can access and download "My Personal Retreat Pages" here.

Ready to Retreat?

Quick! Go ahead and calendar some personal retreat time for yourself. If you are anything like me, it doesn't happen unless it's on the calendar. Even if it means scheduling 30 minutes simply to think and enjoy quiet, you are worthy of taking time for yourself.

When we take time to retreat, we are better able to hear the Father's dreams for our hearts.


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23 mars 2023

I'll be sharing this on my Facebook page. Good stuff!

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