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One Idea for Doing Something Brave

Doing something brave always sounds like a good idea at the beginning.

Running a marathon, 40 days of eating kale or whatever is hard are fantastic ideas in those days when you are setting off. But the closer I get to the doing, all I can think about is, "why did I think this was a good idea?"

This week I'm being brave and sharing my book idea at a writer's conference. The prospect is both thrilling and terrifying. Just like running a marathon and 40 days of kale, I'm asking myself the same question, "why did I sign up for this?"

People always say when you need to do something scary, have your words ready. The idea is that the self-talk words will strengthen your heart with cheery encouragement. Things like, "You are strong! You are brave! You are smart! You got this!" Or the good trusty favorite Philippians 4:13, "I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me!"

Those are all fantastic ideas and tools. But they don't really feel like me. Here's what I found works best:

Oh what the heck, go for it anyway.

I know that's not Biblical or deep. And you might be mad at me for making you read this far for that little crumb. But when I can poke light at myself it feels better. When I can frame it in the "why not?" sort of lightness, it takes the big deal out of it.

What takes the big deal out of the scary thing for you? Maybe for you its prayer, talking to a wise friend, writing down all your anxious thoughts, and then burning them. My encouragement is to find your own style of doing business with your doubts and fears. Then get on with it.

Besides, when you do the scary thing, it will make for a good story later. Even if it goes horribly or wildly successful, it makes for a lovely adventure than never having tried at all. Instead of pump-up speech, maybe it's coming up with your own personal joke, for you. When we can laugh at the scary thing, it brings joy no matter the outcome.

What brave thing are you pursuing?

Instead of anxious thoughts, how can you poke light instead?


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03 nov 2022

I like your not deep or Biblical words. Gets very real. So proud of you pressing through the feelings to what you know is right for you. ♡

Mi piace
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