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How to Be the Most Interesting Woman in the Room

Recently a friend and I were chatting about why we keep writing.

Even though we are clearly not J.K. Rowling or Jane Austen, we both agreed the act of combing through our hearts with words allowed us to experience more in life. Not necessarily more in a fame and fortune kind of way. But more in being present to life, and allowing our authentic selves to sparkle a bit.

I know we are not solving big things like homelessness, food insecurity, or cancer. But sharing how God is at work in our lives allows us to turn over something good. To keep writing means that I'm honoring how God made me. I figure if I'm using my gifts, hopefully, it will inspire others to do the same.

So we keep going.

In truth, people who know what makes them shine are a joy to be around. They are the ones putting their gifts out there - In whatever way they can, sometimes as a hobby, as a profession, or as a lifelong adoration. You recognize them by the way they cast light on others. With whatever abilities they have, they are stepping into their gifts and allowing them to come alive. When you sparkle like that, you can't help but be the most interesting woman in the room.

What About You? How Are You Putting Your Gifts into Play?

We all have the chance to do something with our lives. Why not go ahead and use the gifts you already have been given? Whether you are gifted in cooking, photography, pickleball, accounting, gardening, or fixing things - we all have things that make our souls flourish when we do them. And when we do, we can't help but shine a bit and get some on other people.

Let's agree to pursue more of the shiny parts of our hearts today.

When we do that, we remind others to shine too.


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