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Do You Scripture Doodle?

A long time ago I told my friend Michele that I thought the Bible was dusty.

"It feels old and dried up and dusty stuff," I moaned. "I just don't get how it's supposed to change my life."

At the time, we had spent weeks in a Bible study with a group of women. Looking back I find it ironic and hilarious that I was leading a Bible study with absolutely no idea or even appreciation for the Bible. I'm not even sure I liked the Bible. But Michele, in her kindness smiled and said, "keep digging." She invited me to ask God to show me what I needed to learn.

I longed for Michele's ability to see the Bible as living and breathing. Even though she had a deep appreciation and knowledge of the Word, she never made me feel less because I did not. She could see so much more, making connections from scripture and allowing it to inform and guide her daily life. Michele's love and appreciation for scripture made me hunger for it too. So I did what she said, I prayed and I kept digging.

Now, so many years later, I'm still not a Bible scholar. But I can definitely say that I have a deep love for scripture. What I love most about the Word is that it never changes. In a world where I can wake up and be out of style overnight, the Bible is unchanging. Its wisdom is fresh in every season. I learn new things from it every time I spend time in it. It makes me a better parent, mom, wife, sister, servant, and friend.

When Michele told me to keep digging, truly she was inviting me to make the Bible personal. She knew the only way I could truly understand it was by doing the work of spending time in it. I needed to dig in with my heart and my hands. I needed to make it mine. She was right and I'm so glad she encouraged me to keep digging so long ago.

Now all these years later, the Bible is no longer dusty. I have learned to make the scripture personal by not only praying over what I need to hear, but also by copying it in my own hand. I call it "scripture doodling." Not only does the physical act of writing it out make it feel like His words are for me, but adding in my own doodle makes it fun. God is such a personal God. He loves it when we spend time getting to know Him deeper through His word. And I'm fairly confident God likes doodles, especially Bible doodles.

Making the Bible your own requires digging in and sometimes doodling away.

Your Turn - How Do You Make the Bible Your Own?


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I've Underlined, highlighted, and written out but never bible doodled. Great idea. I especially like that you said this: “In a world where I can wake up and be out of style overnight, the Bible is unchanging.” im so thankful it’s truths never change.

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