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3 Ways Golf Makes You a Better Human

My favorite week of spring has arrived -- the Masters Golf Tournament.

Even if you aren't a golf fan or into one of the most revered golf events of the year, the Masters is still a stunner. Watching the lush green grasses and gorgeous Azaleas come to life in the tournament reminds me spring is definitely here. Last year I wrote about my dad's love of the Masters and all golf has taught me. You can see that original post here.

After spending some time away golfing with my husband this week, I'm realizing golf makes me a better human. There are a few obvious reasons like honesty, integrity, and respect for the game. And then a few not so obvious ones like what it gives my heart. Here's what I'm learning from golf in this season. No matter what you play at, it reminds me that it's important to find ways to do what you love with the people you love.

How Golf Makes Me a Better Human

Be Humble.

Golf is the one thing I do that no matter how much I work it, I can still be terrible. But showing up, doing my best, and scrambling with the bad shots is part of the game. Just like life, the best people to be around in golf are those that are humble and understand they still have a lot to learn.

Be Present.

Golf invites me to be more sensory. Walking up to the tee box, I love taking in the view. I love to notice the trees, the texture of the wind, the curves the course designer put together. Essentially, the beauty of it all. So much of the time, I'm zooming through life - quickly moving from activity to activity, never noticing much. Golf slows me down, grounds me fully in the moment to deeply see everything in front of me. I'm grateful that golf is the one thing I do that a mindset of hurry is definitely discouraged.

Be a Good Playmate.

Golf invites deeper connections. Not only is this true with the fascinating new people I have met while golfing, but also with the people I love most. I've noticed my husband's heart softens when he's golfing. His manner becomes easy and gentle. When I golf with my family, they usually become playful and more open. Golf allows my heart to tap into a place that invites deeper fellowship. There is something about playing side by side with people you enjoy that says, "I'm with you."

What about you? What do you love that gives you more than meets the eye? Whether you are a golfer or not, my encouragement is to consider where you like to play in life. Whether you love sports, gardening, cooking, or just being quiet, my invitation is to consider looking deeper into what it gives you. Just like golf is more than a game, anything we pursue with love and passion gives us more than time well spent.


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