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3 Spring Treats for You

After the punishment of turning the clocks ahead an hour this week, it feels like we all deserve a treat. While I love how it stays lighter later, that one-hour difference feels like a mean trick.

With that in mind, here are a few spring treats for you. While these can’t make up for that one hour, maybe it will cheer you up a teensy bit.

Kelly, my amazing and talented stepdaughter shares her free downloadable spring seasonal wellness guide - just in time to give your healthy New Year’s resolutions some encouragement.

One email I truly look forward to getting is from Morning Brew. It’s basically punchy, interesting, what’s happening in the world news briefs with minimal politics and agenda. They have interesting sub newsletters you can get to encourage you with money, health, tech, and weekend fun. It’s funny writing and l love it loads!

3. Random Fun - A Double Dog Dare.

Spring feels like a good time to double dog dare yourself into something you always wanted to do. My friend and writing mentor Karen Brown Tyson dared me (actually she just gently encouraged) me to turn my book into a podcast. And I did it! I'm not afraid to admit that is an amateurish start – but it was fun to dare myself to do something and actually do it!

What’s is something good that you always wanted to do in this season? I double dog dare you to do it!

Here’s my new homeschooling podcast called Nourish. For sure I’m still polishing it up, but it’s a start! Hoping it inspires you to consider nurturing some fresh things in your life too.


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