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Pressing Into What Is

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

In this season, it would be easy to focus on what you wish it was.

I can look back to summers long ago and reflect on their beauty. The summer where my father and mother were still here. The family reunion when it was hot as blazes and my brother made spicy soup. The summer I spent traveling in Italy. The summer before my son readied for college with so many sweet celebrations.

Yet here I am in the unexpected summer. This is the season where we are focused inward due to circumstances. The summer we tend to home and hearth like it is our sole purpose. The fierce love that we dedicate to reaching out to loved ones and reassuring ourselves and others we are here, we are okay, we send love.

We can look to this day and remember our Savior is still working. We can press into the difficulties and decide we will let them transform us for good. We can’t distract ourselves enough, not for lack of trying. Instead, we press into our Savior and settle with the difficulties and we wait.

We look to this day and remember there will never be another one like it. This moment is dedicated to living the best we can and trusting God will see us through. He is always faithful. He is still working out all things. Even now.

We wait with hope and anticipation that God will use all of this in ways we could never imagine. We hope in Him.

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