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Finding the Best in Every Day

You have made known to me the paths of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence.” Acts 2:28

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

Where are you seeing the best moments in your day?

Often when I think of the best moments, they are usually the big deal events. My best days might include my wedding day, special holidays, having a child, getting my first job, and my first real paycheck. Typically, these big moments were rare happenings, coming only once a year or once-in-a-lifetime.

Right now, I am longing for more best. I want to think bigger than only once-a-year moments. I want to see the best stuff every day. The best things didn’t need to be major, but they were tiny sources of goodness sprinkled through every day.

What I found is it’s possible to get more joy if you look for more joy.

There is always something to be noticed, appreciated, or savored, even if it is only a funny joke or a surprise text from a friend. Over dinner, I ask family members to share their best moments of the day. If they don’t have any, I ask them to think of the funniest thing that happened or the weirdest thing that happened today. Being present to ordinary joys feels like opening a small cupboard to find a forgotten gift.

My best moments also are found in my daily rituals. I like to light candles, play jazz music, and set out all the items as I make dinner. It’s a kind habit I love to use as my personal winding down time. I see the evening meal as a way to nurture my family and bookend the day. It’s a chance to be creative, even if it’s only for how the food looks on a plate. It’s a way to care for my people with best in mind.

Reframing my thinking about “best moments” only requires me to see they are available daily.

In the morning, I can find best in praying, reading the Bible, journaling scripture, setting my heart right. In the evenings, I can find joy in nurturing, serving my family, humbly finding creative ways to feed everyone, all of it is an act of surrender. By choosing joy in my attitude all day long, I can see it as a way to worship God. I can see it as a way to honor Him with everything, big or small.

When we see God in every detail, we can see how His best is always available to us. We can use our daily walk as an act of worship and love. God’s best is always ready when we are.

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