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Why Homeschooling is Worth It

Updated: Apr 14, 2021


Nothing pursued out of love will ever be lost.

When I began to think about how much I put into our homeschool season, I wondered if all of this effort would be worth it. Was it truly worth pouring every ounce of myself into my kids’ education?

Certainly, with everything there is a cost. With this time, I could be working, bringing home more money, and buying more stuff. I would have better hair, nicer clothes and enjoy a lot more lunches with girlfriends. Most likely, I would exercise more and have more time for coffees, shopping, errands, and “me” time.

When I compare those things to the bigger vision, they feel hollow. For me, the long-term view holds the things I call “homeschool gold.” Things such as hearing my son pour out his heart on what he thinks about a subject. Gold also might look like sharing an audiobook together and having rich conversations about the story and characters. As a homeschool parent, I have the opportunity to guide my child’s heart on a daily basis, or at least be available to do so. When I think about it in this way, there is no comparison.

While you are in the homeschool years, it’s not wrong to miss things you enjoyed before this season. It’s perfectly fine to have nice clothes, spend time over coffee with girlfriends, or have “me” time. It’s wonderful to sprinkle those into your schedule. If you are clever, you will still find a way to weave those into your life.

When I’m discouraged, I pile on all the reasons why this season stinks. My child hates this. I hate this. Why are we making ourselves miserable? If he attended regular school, I would have time to clean, cook, and exercise. I would be a better wife, a better mom, a better everything.

Maybe. Or maybe I need to give myself some grace. Perhaps I need to simplify, slow down, delegate, do less, put my phone down, or stop looking at social media. Quite possibly if I am struggling, it could be a character issue, mine or my child’s.

Homeschooling magnifies our strengths and our weaknesses. Not only does it require facilitating classes like algebra and British literature, but also unexpected subjects like my own pride, ego, perfection, and approval issues. In homeschooling, you will have to look at your own stuff and you might not like it.

But our God is big enough to handle it. I trust He has amazing plans for my family. I believe deeply and unequivocally this pursuit is worth it.

Even if we choose not to homeschool beyond this year, month or week, the time spent walking alongside my child with loving intentions will never be lost. God uses all of it. He will do the same for you.

Walk in a manner to show your family that homeschooling is worth it. Trust that your child and your family are worth it. Know deep in the places in your heart that your God is more than worth it, because He is.


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