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What's On Your Summer Bucket List?

This summer is going fast -- what would you like to squeeze in before summer is officially over?

A few things I still hope to do this summer:

-Watch a small town baseball game -- we were fortunate to see the Braves play for a quick trip to "Hotlanta" earlier this month. I would still love to see a"wooden bat league" game, which is the collegiate league near me. In comparison to MLB, the college leagues are always a blast to watch as they play for the pure love of the game.

-Go see Top Gun II - I feel the need, the need for speed again. I don't think my summer can feel complete unless I get to see Maverick light up the big screen.

-A Day of Poolside Chill - This summer feels busier than ever - maybe because we finally have permission to roam freely. I would love to have a day to do absolutely nothing, poolside of course.

-More Water Please. I only got out to paddle on the lake a few times so far this summer. My favorite is to get out early to watch the mist rise -- it's just usually me and the fishing boats. But the serenity of watching the sun come up out on the water is absolutely magical.

My "Summer Bucket List" looks pretty ordinary - hometown baseball, a movie, a chill day, and time on the water. But truly, it doesn't take much to make me happy. I hope you can make some time for the simple things you love too. Summer 2022 will only pass this way once - make it a memorable one.


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Jul 28, 2022

Yes, see Maverick. It was a good one and perfect summertime movie. We have a minor league (is that what they're even called?) baseball team here. Even though we aren't big baseball fans I'd really like to go to one of their games. Preferable when it isn't 90* + 😉 Your list is the kind of summer I prefer.

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