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Doing Brave Things – Even When They Feel Small

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Photo by Kid Circus on Unsplash

Sometimes brave looks like climbing a mountain and sometimes not. Brave can also be in simple things like showing up or having difficult conversations. For me recently, brave was being interviewed as a podcast guest.

I know, I know, being on a podcast doesn’t sound very brave. But for someone like me who considers herself more of a writer, not a speaker, being recorded and sounding intelligent felt like a tall order. Despite feeling inadequate, I decided to do it anyway.

Here’s what I learned: a podcast is sort of like a fishing expedition -- you aren’t quite sure where things will end up. Also, I still prefer writing over speaking. But I’m grateful I got to meet some incredible podcasters as a result of being brave. Best of all, I stretched myself in ways that were hard, but a good kind of hard.

Below is the first podcast interview I have ever done called, “The Power of Cultivating Circles” for the show, The Awakened Feminine. It was a privilege to be interviewed by Host KaKiLee from Wealth & Abundance Without the Hustle.

So I did a podcast, big deal right? I know it’s a small thing, but when you do something brave it can’t help but change you. The small brave thing ends up having a surprising halo effect on your confidence and the way you see yourself in everyday life. I hope my tiny brave thing inspires you to be brave, no matter the size. The world needs your light and your hope. In the end, the tiny brave things are always worth it.


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