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Dear First Time Homeschool Families - You are Going to Be Fine.

Updated: Oct 9, 2020

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As we head back to school, I know many families are homeschooling for the first time.

I know it has many names – virtual schooling, homeschooling, unschooling. Whether you chose to be here or not — I want to tell you – you’re going to be fine. How do I know this? I know God’s got you and it’s going to be okay.

Actually, in truth it will be more than okay. This might actually be the very best thing you have ever done. What I didn’t say is that it is going to be easy or that you will have joy and sunshine flooding your days. But I do want you to know that you can do this. If you seek God’s help, He will be faithful.

Take it from me, I had no idea what I was doing when I started homeschooling my then fourth grader. I spent a lot of time researching books, curriculums and resources at home. But what I wish someone would have told me was this: that’s not what is important. I learned that my weaknesses and lack of abilities were exactly the thing that served me for 10 years of homeschooling.

The secret of homeschooling is that it’s not about education at all – it’s about love. I didn’t have a dynamic background in education, I was and still am terrible at math, I was a pretty average student and average person. But what I did have was love for my kid. I also had a deep love for our Father who I know would equip me if I depended upon Him to help me. I doubted my whole homeschooling journey almost every day until I realized, God is always faithful and He will see you and your family through.

Here are three things I wish someone had told me when I began homeschooling:

Be All In. As you begin this journey, be all in. Complaining, frustration and negative speak about your situation shows up everywhere in your daily efforts with your child and in your heart. Commit to being all in. Next year can be different if you want. But for now, be all in. Let your days, actions and words reflect that.

Choose Joy Daily. Every day is a choice. You will face hard things. Your child will be difficult at times. You will be difficult at times. Take time in prayer and the Bible, even if it’s just for 5 minutes to allow God to direct your path. Surrender it all and decide you will choose joy for this one day only. Don’t worry about tomorrow.

Ask God for Help. Whether you chose to be in this place or not, ask God to equip you. Pray mighty prayers with grace and love that this will be a year that brings your family closer, that this year gives your child a love of learning and that He will take your family to a place beyond your wildest dreams. We serve a big God, ask Him to cover your family in a mighty way. He can and He will.

Sweet parents, it’s going to be okay. With God’s help, you’ve got this.

You can do this. You taught your child to walk, talk, and to live in this world. No one can be more dedicated to drawing out their gifts and talents than you. Nothing pursued out of love will ever be lost. You will never regret spending time with the people you love. You are going to be okay. With God’s help and provision, your family will thrive and love like never before. He is faithful.

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